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Opinion: Supporting Arts Education is Essential
Zanesville Times Recorder, 6/6/10
Donna Collins, executive director of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, wrote the following in a guest column on the importance of arts education in tough economic times: "Education in the arts prepares students for careers. Americans for the Arts reported in 2009 that nationally there are 612,095 businesses in the U.S. involved in the creation or distribution of the arts that employ 2.98 million people-4.3 percent of all businesses and 2.2 percent of all employees. The arts mean careers and business. The arts are recognized as a core subject, which places arts education at the same level of importance as language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign languages." Read the rest of the article:

Ohio Provides Grant Funding Toward New Arts School Construction, WLWT-TV article, May 24, 2010
"The state will provide financial aid toward the construction of a new, state-of-the-art building for the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Over the Rhine. State Rep. Dale Mallory announced the State Controlling Board's decision to approve spending $4 million toward the project. The grant will be used to reimburse the Cincinnati Public School District for some of its expenses on the school. 'For nearly 40 years, the School of Creative and Performing Arts has been a shining star in our community that attracts students from every corner of the state and region,' said Mallory…" Read more...


Institute of Museum and Library Services Unveils 21st Century Learning Campaign, 6/21/10
"The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has announced a national campaign aimed at engaging museums, libraries, and civic leaders in meeting the 21st century learning needs of their communities. The national campaign, 'Making the Learning Connection,' is intended to help communities assess their needs and contribute to a shared vision for 21st century learning. It includes an eight city workshop tour, a national contest, new online tools and resources, and a series of interactive webinars." Read more at

Top Ten Companies for People with Disabilities
inclusionRX from Diversity World, May 2010
Diversity Inc has recently released its 2010 list of the 'Top Ten Companies for People with Disabilities.' Some of the criteria used for indentifying these companies include: recruiting programs for people with disabilities; work/life and other accommodation benefits; diversity-awareness training that addresses people with disabilities; employee-resource groups for people with disabilities and/or caregivers; and communications, such as web sites and other materials, that feature employees with disabilities.

Disability Matters talk radio with Joyce Bender
Disability Matters with Joyce Bender is one of the first international talk radio shows with real-time captioning focused on the employment and empowerment of people with disabilities. Hear prominent disability leaders such legislators and private sector senior executives. The show airs on the VoiceAmerica Channel every Tuesday from 2pm - 3pm est. Toll free number is 866-472-5788.

The EyeWriter, Helping People With ALS To Create Art Using Only Their Eyes, Laughing Squid, June 22, 2010
"The EyeWriter is an amazing collaborative project that is helping empower people suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), by allowing them to create art using only their eyes. It was orginally developed for Los Angeles graffiti artist Tony Quan aka Temp One, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2003 and who can now makes digital art using The EyeWriter which has been projected on the side of buildings."