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Educational Programs

The goal of this program area is to provide educational programs and services for Ohioans with and without disabilities. To meet this goal VSAO administers the Adaptation, Integration, and the Arts teaching residency program and provides professional development training for educators.

Adaptation, Integration, and the Arts

The Adaptation, Integration & the Arts (AIA) program began in 2002 and partners teaching artists and educators in inclusive classrooms with the goal of enhancing teaching and learning through an arts integrated curriculum. Since its inception, AIA has served hundreds of students with and without disabilities throughout Ohio. AIA residencies align with academic content standards and take place in K-12 classrooms throughout each school year. Read more about its vision and outcomes by clicking here.

Trainings & Resources

VSAO conducts trainings for educators on strategies for successful arts integration, working with students in inclusive classrooms, and aligning lessons with Ohio’s academic content standards in the arts and other content areas. A vast array of resources are available to educators working to make their instruction inclusive of all abilities and learning styles. Click here for a listing with links.